Hello, I'm Carmen.

I'm a developer/entrepreneur/teacher that loves to create digital products that delight and provide value to users.

I'm here to help creators and developers ship products faster .

I've been building web/desktop/mobile apps, and small tech businesses for many years. I'd like to help you do the same.

I create free video tutorials and premium courses on how to design, build, and market mobile and web based apps.

You can read more about me here, but stick around if you're interested in: bootstrapping, SaaS, cross-platform app development, marketing, web development and technologies like Vue, Javascript, Firebase, AWS, Astro and Tailwind.

My Work

What I'm currently working on.



Transform your PDFs and Google Slides into captivating video presentations without any hassle. With 30hands, you can easily convert static content into dynamic visual experiences that leave a lasting impression.



Take ChatGPT AI with you wherever you go and never be without answers to your burning questions again. With just a simple text message, DaisyChat is ready to help you out.



Elevate Your Tweets: Text to Animated Video! Make your tweets more than just text. Use our FREE tool to animate your tweets and create delightful visual treats!



This is the live, production version of the app we build in the HumbleMedia course "Building Cross-platform mobile Saas applications"